How to clean ac coils without removing them? Ac Coil Repair Year [2022]

How to clean ac coils without removing them?

How to clean ac coils without removing them?
  • Remove the access panel first. The evaporator coil will be exposed as a result. However, before you do anything, make sure you read your handbook first. The instructions should help you locate the access panel and the location of your evaporator coil.
  • Turn off the air conditioning. Don't take any risks. Take it out of the plug. You don't want it to switch on by mistake.
  • Remove the access panel. Simply unscrew or unfasten the screws or fasteners. However, make sure you do it in a neat and orderly manner. This entails putting the panel, as well as any screws or fasteners, in one location. You won't lose anything this way. If you're not hunting for every misplaced screw or missing fastener, you'll find it simple and handy to attach the panel back after you're finished.

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