How to clean central ac? Central Ac repair Dubai Year [2022]

How to clean central ac?

The condenser (which houses the compressor, cooling tubes, and a fan), the evaporator (the big internal unit that cools the air), tubes to drain moisture from the dehumidified air, and a fan to blow the cool air out into the home or apartment make up an air conditioner unit.   You'll need to vacuum the compressor unit and change the interior air filter to clean it. The air conditioner unit should be cleaned once a year to ensure that it continues to function properly.   Methods of cleaning Part 1 of 3:

Cleaning the Condenser

Turn off the unit's power. Near the condenser unit, there should be an exterior shutdown. This will appear as a square box on the apartment or house's wall. Look for a switch on the inside that you may move to the "OFF" position. You'll have to physically remove the plug that provides electricity to the condenser if there isn't a switch.   It's critical to turn off the power supply before removing any of the condenser's components.   If you can't locate the power outlet where the compressor unit is connected in, or if you want to be extra careful, just turn off the power to the AC condenser by flipping the switch in the circuit breaker box to "OFF."   Vacuum the condenser fins Fins are the thin, narrow metal slats that run down the edges of the compressor unit. Cleaning the fins using the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner will remove the dirt and enable the condenser to draw in the air without being obstructed. The ideal tool for this operation is a wet/dry vacuum.   Through these fins, the condenser unit sucks in air. These will grow filthy over time due to particles of leaves, grass, and dust.   If you don't own a wet/dry vacuum, ask your friends or neighbors if they have one. Your local hardware shop may also be able to rent you a wet/dry vacuum.   Straighten the condenser fins Some of the condenser's fins might bend due to regular wear. If you see that any of the fins are crooked or twisted, carefully straighten them with a knife or other kitchen object. Bend the fins back into place with careful, steady pressure.   You risk breaking the fins or further injuring them if you apply too much effort.   Unscrew and remove the fan The fan unit is usually covered by metal wire or a grate and rests on top of the compressor. Remove the wire from the top of the fan using a screwdriver, then unscrew and remove the fan itself.   You may not be able to completely pull off the fan due to the wiring connecting the fan motor to the compressor unit. All you have to do now is elevate the fan as far as it will go out of its housing.   Wash the fan blades and the interior fins Rinse any material (leaves, grass, dust, or pollen) from the blades of the fan using your garden hose. You may also wipe the fan blades clean with a clean towel or rag to ensure that they are clean. Then, from the interior of the compressor, spray water through the fins using the hose.   Rinsing the fins from the inside ensures that any blockages are removed and that the unit can suck in air properly.  

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