Guide: How to clean Lg Ac dual inverter? We Will Fix It Dubai Year [2022]

How to clean Lg Ac dual inverter? We Will Fix It

How to clean Lg Ac dual inverter? The auto-clean feature is used to remove moisture from the air conditioner. Using the Auto clean option once every few days will assist to avoid evaporator coil corrosion and the formation of hazardous microorganisms within the AC. Furthermore, what does the letter co imply in the LG air conditioner? Er Error CO/CO E Code Communication Error on Display This indicates a problem with communication between the Main PCB and the Display PCB. There is a bad connection between the Display PCB and the Main PCB. Request a visit from a Service Engineer In addition, how frequently should air conditioners be serviced? It should be maintained at least once a year, with occasional inspections up to four times a year, depending on your system and cooling needs.

Steps to clean Lg Dual inverter

  • Switch the Power of.
  • Clean the Condenser Fan and Oil the Fan Motor.
  • Clean the Condenser Coils and Fins.
  • Recycle the Refrigerant.
  • Service the Filter.
  • Service the Ducts

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