Ac Disinfection: How to clean the dust in ac? We will fix it Dubai Year [2022]
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Ac Disinfection: How to clean the dust in ac?

Air conditioners are one of the most critical household equipment that must be kept in good working order. This important household item needs maintenance every now and again. You will be able to save money and your air conditioner will perform more effectively if you know how to clean dust ac correctly.

Typically, individuals disregard the need to clean their air conditioner, resulting in issues such as a lack of proficiency or other malfunctions. As a result, it is preferable to clean your air conditioner manually.

Ac Dusting and Disinfection Steps

  • Disconnect the power supply.
  • Remove the air filter
  • Make a dust storm
  • Vacuum the coils
  • Drainage pipe cleaning

Cover your air conditioner with a cleaning bag to prevent dust from spreading to the rest of your room's interior or walls. You may either buy a cleaning bag or wrap any big plastic bag around the air conditioner correctly if you already have one.

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Step 1: Disconnect the power supply

Before you begin cleaning your air conditioner, it is important to disconnect the power supply to ensure your safety. Unplug the unit or turn off the circuit breaker that powers the air conditioner.

Step 2: Remove the air filter

Locate the air filter on your air conditioner and remove it. Clean the filter with a brush or vacuum to remove any dust or debris. If the filter is too dirty, replace it with a new one.

Step 3: Make a dust storm

Take a dry cloth and start wiping down the outer unit of the air conditioner to remove any dust or debris. Pay attention to the fins and blades, as these are areas that tend to accumulate dust.

Step 4: Vacuum the coils

Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to clean the coils. Be sure to clean both the evaporator coils and the condenser coils. This will help to remove any dust or debris that may be blocking the airflow.

Step 5: Drainage pipe cleaning

Locate the drainage pipe on your air conditioner and use a brush to clean it out. This pipe carries away any excess water that is produced by the air conditioner, so it is important to keep it clean to prevent blockages.

By following these steps and maintaining your air conditioner regularly, you can keep it running efficiently and extend its lifespan. Remember to always call We Will Fix It Dubai for professional maintenance services.

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