How to diagnose ac problems in cars? We will fix in dubai year [2022]
When the air conditioning in your automobile breaks down unexpectedly, it can quickly spoil your day. Leaks or compressor problems are the most prevalent reasons for faulty air conditioning. If your air is chilly but not frigid, the issue might be a clogged filter, a malfunctioning cooling fan, radiator issues, or simply the need to recharge your air conditioner.   You don't have to put up with a stuffy, unpleasant automobile, and you don't have to depend on a mechanic to repair it. The most difficult element of determining the best solution is determining where to begin.   Check out this article for three things to look for before heading to the mechanic so you can figure out what's wrong with your temperature control. You may save money by knowing how to repair your car's air conditioning.   Steps to diagnose your car’s AC Problems?
  1. Is your air conditioning cool but not cold?
If the air conditioner is set to maximum cool and the fans are on high, yet only moderately cold air is being blown:   When the air conditioner is turned on, make sure the cooling fans on the condenser or radiator are operating.   Examine the condenser for any obstructions, such as leaves, bugs, or dirt, that might prevent air from flowing through.   To make sure the cabin air filter isn't blocked, check it.  
  1. Begin with the air conditioner compressor
It's simplest to start with the compressor when troubleshooting an air conditioning problem:   Turn the A/C to maximum cool, set the fans to high, and make sure the compressor clutch is engaged while the engine is running.   This is the central component that connects the pulley to the compressor shaft, not the pulley itself. Low refrigerant is indicated by the clutch engaging and disengaging once every few seconds.   When the clutch engages, the low-side pressure on your gauge will decrease fast, reach a point of too-low pressure, and then release, causing the pressure to increase. With the compressor working, the gauge should stay stable as you add additional refrigerant, and the pressure should stay at the acceptable level.  
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