Washer Repair Guide: How to fix the washing machine drain pump? We Will Fix in Dubai Year [2023]

We will fix it dubai: How to fix the washing machine drain pump?

Washer Repair Guide: How to fix the washing machine drain pump? Is your washing machine not emptying properly? Something is trapped in the washing machine drain line or pump, or the pump is broken, if the washer won't drain or spin. If you're even a little bit handy with tools, you can fix a washer that won't drain or spin.

Step 1: Remove the screws from the front panel

  • To begin, unplug the machine and drain the water.
  • Remove the water from the tub.

Step 2: Open the Washing Machine

  • Before you start working on the washing machine's interior, ensure it's totally unplugged.
  • Pull the panel's lower border outward and "unhook" the top.

Step 3: Look for the clog and remove it

  • Because the pump's housing is translucent, you might be able to see the offending item of clothing wrapped around it.
  • Remove the hose by loosening the clamp that secures it to the tub's bottom.

Step 4: If there isn't a clog, inspect and remove the pump

The pump could be shot if nothing is obstructing the washing machine drain hose or pump. A bad pump will usually make noise, and if it isn't replaced straight once, it will begin to leak. To do so, remove the pump from the washer by unscrewing the three screws that hold it in place.

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