How to install Ac? Ac Fixing and Installation Year [2022]
To keep your room or apartment cool, you bought a window air conditioner. So, what's next? It's time to put it in place! It only takes a few minutes, and you'll be cool in no time. To make installing your window air conditioner as simple as possible, follow our step-by-step instructions. Before you begin   Step 1: ┬álocate the center of your window. Step 2: If the weatherstrip is included, install it. Step 3: Install the side panels. Step 4: Insert the air conditioner into the window. Step 5: Attach the L Brackets Extend Step 6: ┬áconnect the side panels Step 7: Secure the unit and begin the cooling process.   Steps to installation: Step 1: Turn off your air conditioner and locate the center of your window Remove it from the box with caution. The unit's back can be somewhat pointy. Remove all of the pieces from your box to ensure that you received all of the parts.   Measure the width of your window and make a pencil mark in the middle. Making a mark on the spot will make the installation go more smoothly and ensure that the side panels reach both sides of your window evenly.   Step 2: Prepare and Open Your Window: Make sure your window is open. Install a weather strip if one was provided by the manufacturer.   When you're installing or removing the AC, these strips assist block any air that may flow through microscopic cracks and safeguard your window from possible harm. These weatherstrips aren't standard on all models, and your air conditioner will still work properly without them.   Step 3: Put the Side Panels Together: Place the panels in their proper locations on your unit. Slide them all the way in, then use the included screws to secure the adjustable panels to your window AC.   To eliminate any holes that could let heated air, allergies, or pollutants into your home, make sure all the screws are tightened.   Step 4: Place your air conditioner in the window: Pick up your air conditioner and place it in the middle of your window. Then close your window tightly on top of the air conditioner; there should be a point where the window slides into place effortlessly.   Because the majority of the unit's weight will be outside, be cautious when placing it into place. Your air conditioner should be secure once you close the window.
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