How to open Panasonic Ac for cleaning? Ac Repair Dubai Year [2022]

How to open Panasonic Ac for cleaning? Ac Repair Dubai Ac Service

Getting your air conditioner serviced is the first thing that springs to mind during the summer.Although having your split air conditioner serviced by an authorized service partner is suggested, you can save money by servicing your air conditioner yourself. Although it may appear difficult at first, servicing your air conditioner at home is much easier than it appears.

Step 1: Maintain a clean environment and take safety precautions

 This is a simple process to follow. Make sure your Panasonic air conditioner is turned off first. Remove the plug from the socket to make certain. Be prepared for the surroundings to become a little dirty when servicing your split aircon. Place a piece of paper or a towel beneath your air conditioner. Because dust particles, filth, and waterfall from the aircon while it is being serviced, they might contaminate whatever is beneath it. Also, remember to put on a mask to protect yourself from dust and filth.

Step 2: Turn on your air conditioner

Make sure to open the indoor unit first before beginning the servicing. Simply unlock the lock on the side of your split air conditioner to access the inside unit. After you've opened the air conditioner, you'll notice two filters that you'll need to remove. To remove the filters, gently push the filter upwards and remove it.  

Step 3: Cleaning the filter and cooling coil

You can see some dust on the filter as soon as you remove it. Simply clean the filter under running tap water and then dry it. The cooling coil has a significant impact on the air conditioner's cooling performance, and debris on it reduces cooling performance.   All you need is a regular toothbrush to clean the split AC’s cooling coil. Simply brush the coil in an upward to the downward manner with the toothbrush to clean it. Also, because the coil's fins are sharp, use caution and keep your hands safe.  

Step 4: Make use of a basic water pump

Use a basic water pump to splash water on the air conditioner's cooling coil after brushing off the dust particles from your split air conditioner. This will assist in settling dust particles in the drain tray and allowing them to exit the air conditioner via the drainpipe.  

Step 5: Closing the air conditioner and cleaning the exterior

After you've finished using the water pump, return the filters to their original positions and close the indoor unit by softly pulling the indoor flap to secure it. Finally, all you need is a dry cloth to wipe the air conditioner's outer body and a switch to test the cooling effect.   When the ac season begins and when the season ends, it is necessary to service the air conditioner.   Although air conditioner servicing is something that anyone can perform at home, it is preferable to contact for service because it will assist in determining whether the air conditioner is having any problems.   It's time to be kind and helpful to your family and lighten everyone's weight. Assist with the daily washing and spend quality time with your family.  
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